Give me this outfit NOW please...

...And a time and place to wear it.
maybe at Eco Build in Earl's Court, London tomorrow...


I am SO OVER these thick black tights!

I want them thin thin thin!!


Love the shoes though, and the colour of the dress along with the ballerina-meets-rock style.


Imagine me wearing this in Nottingham ha ha!

I love it but it also reminds me of an REM song;

'I never thought of this as funny
It speaks a different word to me
I want to be your Easter Bunny
I want to be your Christmas Tree...'


Album: New Adventures in Hi-Fi

I think this is a golden oldie too, but it deserves another minute in the limelight

I love this picture although she (Gemma Ward, Australian model) actually looks really run down and too young to be a model. (But she isn't so I can post the pic with a clear conscience). I love the photograph in a slice-of-time way, not posed, no make up, the least flattering colours for a t-shirt etc etc but it all looks very cool together and the photo has a nice lighting and feel about it.


Bored of Winter?

Yes, aren't we all. But in the meantime snuggle up and look cool at the same time.

Love the red alice band, but the shoes are rather hideous. However, the overall look works and the scarf reminds me of Aelys.

With love,



Guess who's back...

Oh My Oh My!! Last update was in September! Sorry about the looooong break!!! I'm starting to sound like a teenager with all the exclaimation marks so I will cool it for a bit. Officially, I blame my absense on a load of work... but I seem to always find the time to surf (almost daily) although I really shouldn't, so the real - and unofficial - answer to my bloggiday (holiday yes ha ha very funny) is that I didn't think anyone read it anyway. Turns out however, at least two people miss my blogg! That's pretty good compared to some people who get 20 comments on every post. I suppose it depends on how many people know about it but I also know that I have been utterly rubbish at writing and just post lots of inspiring pictures without explaining what and why they inspire me. Will have to work on that one! Welcome back x


This first picture may be a repeat but if so it is so long ago that you wont remember anyway ;-)
I love the light in the hair and the general mood of the space. Though hair and makeup are always interesting and backstage photos are always inspiring. I also love the thin white cardigan and the silver necklace but the pink nailpolish is sooo last summer. Ha. (Yes the picture is old)   Also, note the Dior bracelet that the hair stylist is wearing... Armani sell the exact same version. Black plastic with white writing. I wonder who was first?