Jade Goody

The Big Brother star Jade Goody spent the majority of Monday sleeping with husband Jack Tweed at her bedside. Goody had woken up on Sunday to find the woman leaning over her clutching a hammer at London's Royal Marsden Hospital. Police were called and arrested the 41-year-old suspect, but she was eventually released from custody with no further action.Goody, who has been told she has only weeks to live, was diagnosed with cervical cancer in August last year.

Michael Jackson has sent his "love" to Jade Goody and asked if he can visit her in hospital, her publicist has said. The terminally ill reality star was "exhausted" and under 24-hour security protection after the hammer incident, said Max Clifford. But he added that cancer-stricken Goody had been cheered by messages of goodwill from the Thriller singer, who recently announced plans to perform in London. Clifford said: "Michael Jackson phoned her over the weekend but couldn't get through. "He wanted to pop in and see her but instead sent her his love and said he was thinking about her." 


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